Kvarner Beach, Lovran

The Scent of Youth

Always, since it can be remembered, Kvarner, the central beach in Lovran, has been both the favorite beach and the favorite place for young people getting together. Although this beach is a very kind host and welcomes everyone who spreads their towel on its surface, whether it's a child or an old acquaintance, the spirit of youth is omnipresent.

It's so easy to recognise it – it can be heard in the melody of voices and the rhythm of smashing the ball in a volleyball game. It can be seen in the sun reflections and the salty crystals on the suntanned skin. It smells like the sea, fruit cocktails and sun creams.

Kvarner beach wakes up with the acrobatic jumps into the sea and it naps with the careless laughter. It never sleeps – even when the sun fades away, the life on the beach does not end. The only thing that changes is the focus of activities, which now moves to the tables of the coffee bars, where, while holding cold drinks in their hands, suntanned bodies vibrate surrounded with the pleasant music.

Regardless of your preference to dive into the headlights glow on the terrace or into the stars shining in the sky, you will discover that nights on the beach can be as alluring as the days – glowing and refreshing at the same time.

On Kvarner beach someone will meet his first love; others will just recall theirs and the waves will maybe bring a hot summer adventure to some other people. Children, too young to understand, will only be surprised by the smiles sailing in the sleepy movements around the beach.