Peharovo Beach, Lovran

Beach at the very end of Lovran gives an additional peace and the feeling of intimacy to its visitors.

Peharovo, which is often called ‘the beach at the very end of Lovran’, is the beach that offers an additional peace and the feeling of intimacy to its visitors. On the one side it dives into the crystal clear blue sea, and on the other, upper side, it is sheltered by the thick greenness and the trees which, with their natural sunshade, offer incredible easiness of long staying at the beach. If that's the thing you want.

Those who love this beach know exactly what they want. They want abundant vegetation and the smell of pine trees, rustling sound of greenness and clean, transparent sea into which you slowly disappear while, step by step, your warm feet touch the smooth, wet pebbles. No matter whether local or tourists,Peharovo visitors are in fact very simple, but well aware of the natural beauty, good service and the quality of the experience.

Above the beach are small, natural storeys with open or covered sunbathing spaces as if they were little islands on which you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can have a pleasant time together, read or even practise yoga. Catering facility, charmingly embedded into the nature, seems like a ship deck with the view on the open azure sea and the sunny horizon.

Thanks to its offer, you will be neither hungry nor thirsty because its opening hour is at 9 a.m., with the first morning coffee, till the late night hours. At night you can experience unforgettable moments. With the beats of well-chosen music and the candle lights, romance becomes irresistible, and the easiness of holidays and experience guaranteed.