Kvarner - Locations

Opatija - Pearl of the Adriatic

A real jewel situated in the deepest corner of the Kvarner Bay, with tourist tradition for over 160 years old. Since time immemorial, Opatija has been the most adored summer resort of aristocracy and noble gentlemen and it attracts people with the style and elegance. It is also well known for its mild and pleasant climate, glamorous festivals and manifestations.

It is proud of its cultural and tourist heritage, hotels, restaurants and beaches. Furthermore, precisely because of the fact that it is proud of its tradition and grandeur, Opatija keeps track, in an extremely hospitable way, with today's modern tourism.

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Lovran - Asparagus, cherries and chestnuts

Lovran is situated 7 kilometers from Opatija. Its architecture and tradition are similar to Opatija's, but, unlike Opatija, this place represents a peaceful destination, proud of its tradition well incorporated in the tourist offer.

Asparagus, cherries and chestnuts are just a small part of Lovran's identity. Secession villas and the romantic promenade by the sea, old city center and the alluring beaches transform Lovran into a place that encompasses atmosphere of the old coastal village and fashionable aristocratic seaside resort.

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